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Dallas Loss Makes Things Easier for New Orleans
Clubs - Men's DI Clubs

(Note - Dallas's game with Fort Worth was already played, but wasn't reflected in the official standings, so we've re-written this piece.)

A late penalty kick by the Austin Blacks against the Dallas Reds may well have secured 1st place in the Red River DI Club Conference for New Orleans.

The Reds had two games to play this weekend, including a makeup of a rained out game on Sunday. In the first game, Dallas, which went into the weekend 11-1-1, took on HARC, the only team other than Dallas to come close to beating New Orleans.

But HARC wasn't on form on Saturday and the Reds thrashed them 93-0. That set up Sunday's game against 9-3-1 Austin. The Blacks ran out to a lead of 18-3. But two tries and a penalty gave Dallas the lead 20-18.

But a late penalty kick from Diego Sotelo put Austin ahead to stay.

Had Dallas won, the Reds would have been tied with New Orleans with one left for each team.

But the loss left them three points adrift (they got a bonus point for a close loss).

That means that New Orleans does not need to beat HARC to secure 1st place. They only need to get two bonus points or get a tie.

Dallas will need to beat the Griffins, get the bonus point, and hope New Orleans loses.

Red River W L T Pf Pa Pd BT BL Pts
New Orleans 13 1 1 665 177 488 11 1 66
Dallas Reds 12 2 1 819 132 687 12 1 63
Austin Blacks 10 3 1 544 224 320 9 1 52
Dallas Harlequins 7 7 0 339 364 -25 7 0 35
Austin Huns 7 7 0 459 372 87 6 0 34
HARC 7 6 0 312 410 -98 5 0 33
Griffins 5 8 1 344 417 -73 6 3 31
Fort Worth 2 14 0 13 867 -854 3 -1 10
The Woodlands 0 15 0 0 904 -904 1 0 1

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Video: Isles Speeds By Everyone at Melrose 7s
MultiMedia - Shows and Highlights

Dobson ImagesCarlin Isles races past opponents at the Melrose 7s.

See his highlights here.

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Xavier HS Defeats Touring Trinity
School Age - Boys

Led by the 13 points of fullback Liam Gresser, Xavier High School of New York City defeated visiting Trinity Grammar of Melbourne, Australia 41-14 on a sunny day in New York City.

Scrum time for Xavier and Trinity. Ed Hagerty photo.Five different players touched down for Xavier.

Trinity, on the final leg of its tour to the Northeast, had previously placed third in the Cherry Blossom Tournament in Washington, DC and defeated Roman Catholic HS in Philadelphia.

A portent of things to come started the game, when Xavier flyhalf Owen McVeigh touched down a try at the conclusion of a 30-meter break and fullback Liam Gresser converted to make it 7-0.

Xavier’s lead increased to 12-0 in the 13th minute when flanker Rob Irimescue touched down an unconverted try at the conclusion of a 35-meter movement.

Xavier scrumhalf Eamon Matthews scored consecutive tries in the 17th and 22nd minutes, the first converted by Gresser, pushing the hosts lead to 24-0.

Visiting Trinity got on the board in the 26th minute with a try by lock Ben Collins that Toby Davis converted, 24-7.

Unrelenting Xavier replied three minutes later when flanker Rob Irimescue touched down his second try following a penalty five meters from Trinity’s line. Gresser’s conversion brought the halftime score to 31-7.

Xavier’s scoring parade resumed ten minutes after the restart with a try by scrumhalf Rourke Struthers following a run by Irimescue, 36-7.

A try by fullback Liam Gresser at the end of a multi-player, 80-meter movement concluded Xavier’s scoring at 41-7 in the 17th minute.

With many Xavier reserves on the field, Trinity scored the day’s final points on a try by Will Seton that Toby Davis converted, 41-14.

Xavier 41
Tries: McVeigh, Irimescu 2, Matthews 2, Strouthers, Gresser
Convs: Gresser 3

Trinity 14
Tries: Collins, Seton
Convs: Davis 2

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Old Blue Beats NYAC - Northeast DI Update
Clubs - Men's DI Clubs

New York Athletic Club may have lost, but they took a step closer to clinching first place in the Northeast DI club league.

Old Blue got three penalty kicks from James Bird and held off NYAC 26-25. But the close loss for NYAC earned them a bonus point, and that may have been enough to ensure they are top in the league.

NYAC scored 22 points to take the lead, but Bird's last penalty gave his side the victory.

Boston destroyed Middlesex 79-0, knowing that points differential might come into play in deciding who makes the playoffs (Northeast has two spots, with the #2 team getting the dubious honor of playing at Life for a play-in).

Boston Irish Wolfhounds came closer to securing a .500 season with a 36-15 victory over Mystic River.

NYAC is still in the driver's seat with one more week to go. At 10-1, they have 1-10 Middlesex and need just a single standings point to be sure of 1st. The Wolfhounds will host White Plains, with a victory for the 'Hounds getting them to 6-6 for the year. And Boston travels to Old Blue in a winner is in the playoffs, and the loser is not.

Latest standings:

Northeast W L T Pf Pa Pd BT BL Pts
NYAC 10 1 0 475 171 304 9 1 50
Boston 9 2 0 441 168 273 8 1 45
Old Blue 9 2 0 456 273 183 8 0 44
Wolfhounds 5 6 0 258 333 -75 5 0 25
Mystic River 2 9 1 226 382 -156 3 3 16
White Plains 2 8 1 209 303 -94 3 2 15
Middlesex 1 10 0 187 622 -435 3 0 7

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SFGG Steamrolls to 6-2
Clubs - Top Club Leagues

SFGG steamrolled OMBAC in PRP action Saturday, behind their biggest steamroller, prop Paula Fukafuka.

Bruce Thomas gets some attention from the OMBAC defense. Austin Brewin photo.The front-rower scored two tries in the first half, as did center Mile Pulu, as SFGG ran their record to 6-2.

With Tom Rooke and Opeti Okusi adding tries, and Volney Rouse kicking four conversions, Golden Gate led 38-0 at halftime, and a Ricky Reynolds try right after the break extended the lead to 43-0.

OMBAC girded their loins and scored two tries from Chris Clever - who has been in solid form all season - and scrumhalf Jamie Purcell.

But SFGG held on 52-15, with Peter Moala for SFGG and Marcus Satavu for OMBAC finishing out the scoring.

OMBAC were without Zach Pangelinan, the league's leading scorer, as he is with Tiger Rugby at the Melrose 7s. OMBAC did not kick any points Saturday.

The loss dealt a blow to OMBAC's championship hopes, as they dropped to 4-3-1. They are not out of it, but need to run the table to have a shot.

Tries: Fukafuka 2, Pulu 2, Okusi, Rooke, Reynolds, Moala
Convs: Rouse 6

Tries: Clever, Pucell, Satavu


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