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RUGBYMag DII All Americans Named
Off The Field - Awards

With two DII National Championships in the calendar year, we're naming our second DII All American team of 2013. But we wanted to recognize the outstanding play exhibited during the fall season and see no reason to wait until the spring.

We have reached out to coaches and conference commissioners across the country to come up with this team. We've taken their recommendations into account, as well as used the eye test. In an effort to fit the best 15 players on the team, we have moved some players to positions they could play, even if they don't regularly play it with their college team.

Several of the names come from teams which participated in the semifinals and finals in Greenville, SC. While that was our best chance to see DII players, it was also a gathering of the four best teams in the country. Standing out on the weekend were guys like Scottie Wheeler from Salisbury, Ben Landry from UW-Whitewater, Tim Katz from James Madison and Derrek Van Klein from Duluth.

Jordan Anderson of Principia was named the MVP of USA Rugby's College 7s Championship, and he's a speedy, skilled 15s player, too.

(We incorrectly listed Lucas Weyenberg, a 2013 spring graduate, on the list. Weyenberg was a member of the All American team named in the spring.)

1 Tim Katz James Madison
2 Blake Martin UM-Duluth
3 Derrek Van Klein UM-Duluth
4 Andy Godeen UM-Duluth
5 Ben Landry UW-Whitewater
6 Pat McKenna Towson
7 Scott Wheeler Salisbury
8 Jake Luetgers UM-Duluth
9 Alan Roniss UC Irvine
10 Nick Kuhl Salisbury
11 Cory Graham Notre Dame College
12 Brandon Schweitzer Winona State
13 Logan Hanson UM-Duluth
14 Matt Dzerwiecki UW-Whiteater
15 Jordan Anderson

SH/FH Jimmy Harrison SLU
Center Ethan Reese Salisbury
Back row Kevin Lowe Colorado College
Brian Heim
Chris Kunkel
James Madison
Wing Mat Benedetto Providence
Scott Coull
Coast Guard
Lars Anderson