About RUGBYMag Premier

RUGBYMag.com PremierRUGBYMag.com Premier is a pay service on the website that provides that extra-special coverage.

You get columns on issues within the game, as well as coaching, training, and other aspects of rugby.

You get exclusive news, reports, and interviews.

You get exclusive audio and video.

Some of our rankings are only accessible through RUGBYMag.com Premier, while others are available to Premier Members on a sneak preview basis before they are released to the public.

AND you get our magazine, RUGBY Magazine, available digitally through RUGBYMag.com Premier.

You can sign up here for $7.49 a month. You can cancel anytime.RUGBYMag.com Premier is a special section of our website that gives you access to special, exclusive features from RUGBYMag.

If you are a subscriber and you want to cancel, simply :

1. Log in

2. Once you have logged in, click on the "Login" button again.  This should show a drop-down with your username and options to log out, and check your account.

3. Click on your "Account" button, and it gives you the option to cancel.